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Every day above ground is a good day
Death Living To Tell About It

“The ambulance is on its way, but they are not here yet. I cannot think clearly, although I think about concentrating… think Brian, Think…You know, when confronted with the real possibility of dying, a strange calm envelops you. I breathed easier facing the obvious conclusion…I was going to die today.

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The Road To Transplant

Long Term Side Effects No Longer Matter –  That’s what my cardiologist told Denise and I today when we went to see him, because my heart failure has seemingly worsened. Last week, I was hard hit with right-sided heart failure symptoms. My abdomen was distended and clearly retaining fluid, my skin color was a pale shade of grey, and my diaphragm was working against me, which made breathing difficult.

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Five Short Stories & Twelve Poems

“Death’s Kiss”

My name is Jack. I grew up on the streets of New York. Regardless the time of day, through my eyes the streets always looked like midnight. Didn’t matter the season, New York was always as cold as a frost-bitten day in January. Hardly a good vision, but perfect for a guy like me. And with so many people crowded into such a small place, I could always blend in and there would be an ample supply of victims.

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