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385400_2910909098786_1978808214_nTime To Retire

For the last years or so, I have been struggling with some memory issues. More symptoms such as concentration, analysis and processing information have also begun popping up.

After seeing doctors and specials: tests and tests, they have determined that I have a type of vascular dementia called ” Vascular Neurocognitive disorder”. It is the mild form. IT IS NOT Alzheimer.

This means that I have trouble finding words, remembering, processing information and figuring things out. Not all the time and not to the point I cannot fend for myself. I can. I still drive and do everything. Most days.

But sometimes not. Sometimes when I trip up I get frustrated. When that happens, things get worse. A vicious circle, if you will.


Here is some information about it. http://www.mayoclinic.org/…/va…/basics/symptoms/con-20029330


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It will get worse over time. Meanwhile, I am backing off almost all work-related activity. I will enjoy my life – whatever it brings for however much time that is.

Hope to see you tonight.