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5.0 out of 5 stars Sometimes, a guy just wants to write... And I am certainly thankful!
August 21, 2012
~Ressa's Reviews~ "Ressa" - 
This review is from: Five Short Stories and Twelve Poems (Kindle Edition)
I read Brian M. Hayden's most recent novel, Death: Living to Talk About it, and knew then that he had much more in him to offer his readers. I was not wrong...

Whether he's writing about whack-jobs, philosophy, war friends, grandsons and a grandpa's love, feeding the world, or writing a short story for his dear wife, and his love for pizza or popsicles on sticks, you're going to laugh out loud, smile a lot, and shake your head.

Mr. Hayden's sense of humor is ever present and brighter than the midday sun. And when he writes about writing a love story, you feel the emotions he's put into his lovable characters.

For tons of laughs and even a few tears, this is the perfect short read for a lazy afternoon. I am highly anticipating any future works from Mr. Hayden
5.0 out of 5 stars A Fun Read, September 9, 2012
Sharon Nobilio - 
This review is from: Five Short Stories and Twelve Poems (Kindle Edition)
In the tradition of a bedside storyteller, Brian Hayden has written an anthology of verses and tales that will charm any reader. But for those of us who have followed the author's blogs and previous publication, DEATH: LIVING TO TALK ABOUT IT, this collection takes on a special meaning. Here is the song of a courageous man who soothes us with amusing poems and creative stories--while awaiting "the call" for a heart transplant. A book of a remarkable spirit.
5.0 out of 5 stars Fabulously Written Anthology, November 25, 2012
Jenny Bynum - 
This review is from: Five Short Stories and Twelve Poems (Paperback)

10*s. I won a paperback copy of this book directly from the author, during his book release party, in return for an honest review.
I would like to mention before going on that I am happy and honored to be the very first review to be posted. Secondly, I have yet again stepped out of my Paranormal Genre to persue an awesome anthology of 5 short stories and 12 poems.
WOW......This little book is amazing!! I went from laughing, to smiling, to sadness, to 'huh' and enjoyed every single one of these of wonderfully well written stories and poems!! It's of course very fast paced but I had to read it a couple more times and this is a book to cherish and light-hearted and fun to read!! I don't have any particular favorites because to me they were all my favorites!! This is a MUST read adults anthology that will suck you in and keep you hooked from beginning to end and make this an enjoyable read every single time!! Thank you, Mr. Hayden, for the opportunity to win this fantastic book from you and the chance to enjoy your writing style!! I can't wait to read more of your work!!


5.0 out of 5 stars Life's Path, February 25, 2013

Samfreene -

This review is from: Five Short Stories and Twelve Poems (Paperback)

Brian M. Hayden: Five Short Stories and Twelve Poems

Life changes and circumstances often warrant you facing many hardships, unhappiness and situations that will forever remain within you heart. Silent Hearts is a short story that focuses on what happens when on man is finally released after three years in a German prison camp is sent to a special hospital and meets what someone that changes his life. Nocton Hall RAF Hospital is where the story really begins as authors Brian and Denise Hayden describe the scenery, the hospital itself and the surroundings but the one person who would have the greatest impact on the life of our primary character Donald. Samantha was you might say his angel or more than just a volunteer assigned to his care. She was compassionate, caring, kind and most of all a good listener who truly cared for Donald. Arriving in there he was introduced to a man named Mr. Phelps who helped him get acclimated and then he heard the voice of a woman who would remain in his heart and soul forever. For sixth months she was at his side everyday walking with him, feeding, bathing and helping him readjust to life. But, what Donald did not see was the love in her eyes, truth behind her smile and the longing in her smile that he would realize how she really felt about him. But, sometimes we are blinded by desire and the fear of rejection and keep our thoughts to ourselves as Donald is discharged, goes back home to his family and laments in his thoughts for more than three decades. When his father passes and his mother comes to live with him she realizes that although so much time has passed he needs to find closure. Just what happens when he finally unites with Samantha and what will be his final fate and final words you have to read Silent Hearts for yourself to learn the answers? Silent Hearts: Sometimes they need to be voiced.

Next, the author includes before each story and poem a brief introduction explaining his through behind writing each story or poem. Nostrils/kostrils tells of a man who lost his money and how it was returned. Life deals with the definition of the word and how precious Life really is. The next story is quite different from anything Brian has ever written as he writes about psychopathic, sociopathic killer who loves what he does and that is murdering and mutilating women you might say for sport. Jack is crazy it is a simple as that. He enjoys killing and he is so good at it he never gets caught. We meet him as he is looking out of a window and about to decide his fate when he flashes back to where it all began, explains why he was drawn to kill, his family life and then what happens to change it all. For someone who hates human contact, despises people and dislikes conversations he meets a young woman in a bar and what happens is totally out of character for him. As we learn about his relationship their brief time together you wonder what made him snap. An ending that will keep you guessing and killer who is definitely not done written by an author who is quite creative.

I Love Fish is next followed by Universal Balance which deals with his perspective on life. Toes Toes Toes is hilarious as most people might love the way their toes look but mine I would rather have stay hidden as well I won't say which lines in this poem fit mine. Short and sweet a War Remembered says it all about one man's journey in battle followed by story three Another Idiot the author states is based on part on a real life experience. The main character is an older man who likes to speak his mind and says it the way it should be. But, his wife of 47 years speaks hers too. The dialogue is priceless and situation hilarious as he relates what happens on his way to town, the fact he is not supposed to drive and what most men hate: STORES AND SHOPPING WITH THEIR WIVES. One thing I can identify and agree with is the fact that Floyd is right customer service in stores has become quite poor and the end result of this story and just who is the idiot: I am too smart to tell you everything. Some things you have to learn by reading the story for yourself. Being close to my grandfather growing up "A Grandpa's Love brought back memories followed by "Knocking on the Gates of Heaven. This poem is quiet powerful as it relates his journey with life and death experiences and how he won. I'm Hungry is next and A Story for Denise. Brian this story is so sweet I won't divulge anything. I think readers need to appreciate the story and realize how lucky Denise is to have you and you are to have her.

Finally the book concludes with a poem about my favorite food in the world Pizza. Although I am really thin and never eat anything not on my diet, who can resist a slice of cheese pizza and no sauce once in a while. This poem says it all. Finally there are many other poems and one last story titled Writing In A Mirror that I will spotlight. A unique story told within the author's head as he decides on the topic, the character's actions and finally puts it all together in a short and quite unique story about two elderly people, how they meet. Bartholomew loves hot dogs and is eating one making a mess. He has yet to meet Doris. So, what does he write and how do they meet: Read the story and find out or maybe you can help Brian decide on what to do with these two people.

Life's Path is the final poem in this collection as he takes us on one final journey about his definition of life. Filled with fun, humor, suspense and characters that are unique and different once again Brian Hayden hits the mark.