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 Carly Wallace's review 

Aug 26, 11

Hi y'all Anne here and I've just finished reading Death and living to talk about it by Brian Hayden and wow what a memoir! This is a piece of his life that is so emotional I had to fight back tears. At one point I actually had to stop and say to myself "I've actually chatted with this man on face book!" how can one person fight, and I say fight because that is exactly what him and his family did and never lose hope. He makes a point to show people that hope is important but also love and support from others around because without that life might not be so precious. His wife stayed by him through all the battles a true sign of love and devotion I believe and when all else is lost someone giving you a tiny bit of hope can seem like a beacon light at your ens of the tunnel and his family came to his side countless times to show their love and support, what if not that is life about. Although this story was scary in someways it was a good scary to remind all of us we don't get experation dates your day might be up in 50 years or it might be up tomorrow and you should live your life as such. Love yourself, family, and life and never believe your time is up. This book was written as a testament to life but there is so much more you can get from it, like how heroes walk with us everyday and maybe there really are guardian angels watching over in our times of need. I can't begin to fathom the memories writing this memoir dragged up but I know that it was worth it for me to get to read it and remember what it's all about it the end, little stuff not so important and the big stuff not so much either. If it's important to you then go for it and see it through to the end.. Well done Brian Hayden and family for showing people what it's all about. 5 out of 5 stars for Death and Living to Talk About it...


5.0 out of 5 stars The life of Brian, April 26, 2011

By Santomon 

This review is from: Death: Living To Talk About It (Paperback)

The book was a page turner... I can't believe how much I learned about the medical field...considering I've been in the medical field for over thirty years...!!! It has given me great insight from the patient's perspective....this is obviously a great human being who shared his intimate life with expectations of the book were far surpassed!!! Very pleasantly surprised!!!! You never know what you're going to get from a new upcoming author...I feel honored to be one of the first to discover this treasure...

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5.0 out of 5 stars Dad on Death's Door, March 11, 2011

By Angela Hayden 

This review is from: Death: Living To Talk About It (Paperback)

I know, I know, how do you trust the review by the child of the author? You just have to. If you have ever been impacted by someone with heart disease, or any other debilitating disease for that matter, then you can understand the tumultuous fears, sadness, frustrations and even sometimes anger that you feel about the situation and sometimes even the person. My father wrote a book that shares with you his own experience and perceptions of how his heart condition and continues to influence his life and the people around him. It is a story of learning to appreciate, finding hope and continuing to live despite the odds that have been set against you. In reading Death: Living To Talk About It, I hope you will see how easy it is to take for granted the imprint you make in someone's life and I want you realize how with a little hope, some determination and the want to continue - - your path can change and life then becomes what you make of it whether you're dying or not. Buy it, read it, share it, talk about it, and learn from it. Way to go Daddio!

5.0 out of 5 stars I heart this writer..., February 28, 2012

By doreen mcgettigan 

This review is from: Death: Living To Talk About It (Kindle Edition)

I read a lot of books. I read a lot of memoirs. Nothing could prepare me for Brian's story. His story was so personal for me because my own husband lives with heart disease. I live with the fear that when I step forward the floor may not be there. Brian has a gift for storytelling, his sense of humor is amazing and I find myself cheering and praying for him and his family.

 5.0 out of 5 stars A Surprisingly Fun Read, December 1, 2011

By Sharon Nobilio 

This review is from: Death: Living To Talk About It (Paperback)

After following some of Brian Hayden's blogs about his medical experiences, I decided to read his memoir mainly because I enjoyed his honest writing. Plus, heart disease runs in my family, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to learn more about the subject from someone who has been through the gamut of surgeries, medications, and hospital procedures.

I must confess, however, that as I opened to the first chapter, I braced myself for a sad story, or at the very least a chronicle of one man's painful battle against terminal illness. What I did not expect was to laugh out loud. Nor did I expect a book about dying to offer so many reasons to go on living.

While the author's insight into coronary/pulmonary disease is informative reading, interwoven throughout the prognoses and treatments is, in true memoir fashion, the story of his boyhood, his military service, and his marriage to a very unique woman. Yet it is not only the love of a good wife and family that sustain him through his illness, but Brian's own unsinkable spirit and sense of humor.

I highly recommend Death: Living to Talk About It, to everyone who needs a boost of hope. And nowadays, who doesn't?

5.0 out of 5 stars There's More to Death & Dying Than I Knew!, September 9, 2011

By Dellani Oakes "Dellani Oakes" (USA)

This review is from: Death: Living To Talk About It (Paperback)

"Death, Living to Talk About It" by Brian M. Hayden is a frank look at death from the point of view of the dying. Hayden doesn't pull any punches, speaking of his heart and lung problems with honesty. He admits what he did to bring on his issues, not making excuses for himself. Smoking and drinking from a young age surely were major contributors to his health problems.

Hayden's health issues began in 1989 when he experienced his first heart attack at the ripe old age of 35. From this point onward, his health degrades until doctors finally tell him it's time to go to hospice. Resigned to his fate, he and his family arrange for him to go, only to pull him out again two weeks later. And guess what? He's not dead yet!

Hayden was given that death sentence back in 2007. It's 2011 and he's still alive to talk about it. Hayden's book chronicles his journey through heart attacks, blood clots, pulmonary problems, spots on his lungs, pace makers, COPD, migraines and medication issues. His life has been a series of doctor's appointments, hospital visits, operations and treatments all designed to improve his quality of life. Some have the desired effect, others--not so much.

Hayden's courage and tenacity see him through. His loving supportive wife, Denise, whom he credits with saving his life more than once, also keeps him going. Her love and care make life tolerable for a man who's seen death. Hayden stresses that life for the caregiver of the chronically ill isn't easy. Denise has constantly been at his side, dealing with hospitals, doctors, medications and worries. This has been her journey as much as his. She sounds like an amazing woman.

"Death - Living to Talk About It" is a wonderfully readable book which gives hope to those with chronic health problems. It gives shows the reader that no matter how bad it gets, there is always hope.

My favorite quote says it all: "Hope and faith are very powerful, and while I cannot tell you that they are all you need, I can say with certainty that without it, there is no hope. Please read my story and think: if this poor bastard can still be skulking about after all he has been through; after all he is still going through, maybe I can too."

I highly recommend this book to anyone, especially those dealing with chronic health issues.

© 2011 Dellani Oakes

 5.0 out of 5 stars I Give Death: Living To Talk About It a 5-Star Review!, September 3, 2011

By ~Ressa's Reviews~ "Ressa" (Grand Junction, Colorado)

This review is from: Death: Living To Talk About It (Paperback)

I give Death: Living To Talk About It by Brian M. Hayden a 5-star review!

An intimate, poignant, and at times, humorous, in-depth look into the real life of an extraordinary man who has struggled his whole life with various health problems. Please indulge me for a moment, if you will. Can you try to imagine: Going along your merry way in life, then suddenly you have a heart attack in your thirties? I can't, but Brian Hayden did.

Reading his book was a huge eye-opener, as well as one of the most engaging reads I've ever come across. He starts out explaining life as a child, in the times where smoking and drinking were not only accepted, but habits most adults partook in. I, too, grew up witnessing this behavior, although I still thank God that my own Mama never did drink or smoke. My Dad? Well, he did. Now? He's on oxygen, has COPD and a few other serious health problems, not to mention issues caused by his drinking, which he still does. It is a very sad state of affairs, and one that touches many more lives than the one indulging will ever know.

Brian ends his book in the current time, where every day is still a struggle just to stay alive. He has lived quite a life, all the while managing, or trying to manage his various health conditions, which are too numerous to list here. Brian's adult life started in our U.S. Military, serving his country just as so many had to back then, and still do now.

He also makes it very clear that he does not blame the U.S. Military for his smoking and drinking ways, but he does explain how easily one can fall prey to such bad habits in that setting. We've all seen the movies about war times, or just the military in general, where most of the people smoke and drink. In fact, they even make it look 'cool,' or 'sexy,' or who knows what, but they make it look good. I can't imagine actually living it, and being able to walk away. There's always been peer-pressure, and person does have pride, after all

Nowadays, if you drink, most people don't have much to say since usually, at the very least, they, themselves are 'weekend drinkers' or something to that effect. But, if you're a smoker?? OMG! You are the scum of the Earth. It's your fault. Doesn't matter what 'it' is, it's simply your fault. And there's absolutely no way you're truly a productive member of society. Wanna know a lil secret? Most of those 'weekend drinkers' are also 'closet smokers' who think there's no harm in lighting up only when they drink. And they drink often! Not only on weekend! Here is where I digress. This isn't about me, this is about Brian's wonderful writing talent, his life of being an overachiever, and his astounding words.

I don't remember how many, but Brian really did 'die' several times in his life, yet he's still kickin' and out of the many things I love about him, I'd have to say his humor is the best. I laughed. I cried, I cursed. I wanted to throw things a few times. But not at Brian. No, never at Brian. He's lived his life as a standup man. He's served his country where so many won't even try. He married his young sweetheart, who I must say, is simply Brian's Angel come to Earth to watch over and care for him. Let's face it, he does need taking care of from time to time...

What a strong personality! Such a lust for life! I cannot comprehend how Brian was able to continue living his life the way he did, having one health problem after another for so many years! Most would have simply given up many years ago. I have nothing but respect for this man who has more compassion than most, and has even touched my own life.

There are, as I've mentioned, drinkers, and there are smokers in my family, and they are all now required to read Death: Living To Talk About It! And no, there will be no exceptions. I feel it is that important, and if people can't learn and take away from this book ways to educate themselves and possibly even prolong their own lives, well then, they won't learn it anywhere.

I want to personally thank Brian M. Hayden for writing and sending this book to me. I am truly praying and hoping it will be a lifeline, of sorts, to some of my own loved ones.

I struggled with writing this review. How do you sum up a man's life with mere words? I'm still not sure, but this is my best effort. I hope it's enough to persuade others to get out there, or online, and BUY A COPY OF DEATH: LIVING TO TALK ABOUT. I cannot do this book any further justice, you will have to read it to understand my words.

You will not regret buying and reading Brian Hayden's book.

 5.0 out of 5 stars ONLY THE GOOD LORD KNOW!!!, August 25, 2011

By irene brodsky (brooklyn new york)

This review is from: Death: Living To Talk About It (Paperback)

I recently received a copy of "Death: Living to Talk About it" by Brian M. Hayden. This book held special meaning to me due my brother who lived with cancer for 16 years......but was originally told by a Doctor that he only had 6 months to live.

Such a difficult topic to tackle, but Mr. Hayden knows it all too well because he had a heart attack in 1989 and was told he had 3 weeks to live. THat was 22 years ago, and Mr. Hayden is here to tell his story of Doctors who think they must be the good Lord. Surely it must be true, because only the good Lord knows when he
will call you to join him in heaven. The Doctor is just another human being,
and while he can certainly & hopefully diagnose you properly.....he really can't predict how long you will live because everyone is different & miracles do happen.

I especially can appreciate the section of the book entitled "Aww Hell! Give Me A Cigarette". I can agree with this because if you have 3 weeks to live....why not smoke?

To make a long story short, Mr. Hayden is with us today, and hopefully for many many many more years to come. Perhaps, he should just stay away from Doctors........And I thank Mr. Hayden for sharing such a difficult topic with us and to make others aware that Doctors know just so much, and then the good Lord takes things into his  hands, to decide our fate, to hand us miracles, to be there for us.

I am a writer, pert-time teacher, philosophy major, and a believer in The Chabad. I think if a person is ill and needs hope/inspiration, ask a religious leader,(Rabbi, Priest, etc) and find comfort in the words of the bible. Don't listento the Doctor.

This book needs to be read by everyone, because it can happen to anyone. Therefore, I am giving this book to the landmark New York Public Library for catalog consideration.

sincerely, Irene Brodsky
Brooklyn College City University of New York

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 5.0 out of 5 stars "DEATH: LIVING TO TALK ABOUT IT" (REVIEW), August 23, 2011

By GMTA Publishing "GMTA Publishing" (North Carolina

This review is from: Death: Living To Talk About It (Kindle Edition)


This book is amazing, touching, and simply miraculous. Brian Hayden's story of how he has faced death numerous times only to be brought back time and again is a story you will not only never forget but it will also leave you marveling at just how strong and resilient the human spirit can be.

Brian Hayden is by far one of the most amazing men with one of the most equally amazing stories I have ever met.

Do yourself a favor and read this story, you won't be disappointed that you did and a lot of you may find yourself seeing parallels of certain instances in your own life. A remarkable man, with a remarkable story you will not want to miss!

-Kitty Bullard / Great Minds Think Aloud Book Club

 5.0 out of 5 stars Happy customer, August 21, 2011

By chayeg 

This review is from: Death: Living To Talk About It (Paperback)

The author of this book is a friend of mine. I was very happy to receive it quickly & in great condition. It is also a very good read. Somehow through all his health issues he still has his sense of humor in tact. Congratulations & good job Brian!

 5.0 out of 5 stars A must read memoir!, August 8, 2011


This review is from: Death: Living To Talk About It (Paperback)

I'll start by saying I read nothing but memoirs, biographies, or autobiographies...and I can be quite picky about which ones I care for, I know what 'style' I like. Well, right off the bat I knew I was going to LOVE this memoir! And I DID! Brian's wit and humor had me from the get-go. I loved his writing style - the kind where you feel like you're talking to an old friend. He took me through his journey of illness, and I felt his pain right along with him (and his wife's too!) but at the same time, he kept me grinning with his wicked humor! There were times I shook my head (the cigarettes) but then he won me back with his usual charm and engaging wit. Throughout his entire story I just kept asking myself, Why, HOW did he just not throw in the towel and just simply give in? As I know we share one common denominator: NO patience!
He reminded me to be thankful for my good health and to not take it for granted. He also proved to me our 'will to live' is so strong, that we humans will withstand unthinkable measures just to hang around one more day. 'Amazed' is how I left this story. Amazed he is still alive, amazed his wife is still by his side, amazed he is still fighting the good fight...and winning, I might he is still with us! For all he has been through, you too will root for him as well.
A great real-life journey, although very serious, is told in an easy, non-depressing way. You'll laugh, you'll feel sorrow, you'll root for him and his family...and in the end you'll remember one thing: Doctors aren't ALWAYS right!
Good job Brian! I hope to keep reading your work for many years to come!

 4.0 out of 5 stars his own story, June 16, 2011

By Janet Brown (Claremore, OK)

This review is from: Death: Living To Talk About It (Paperback)

This was a interesting read from the view of a person with major heart problems trying to get medical help and is amazingly still alive today after all the things he went through. Some of the things the doctor's tried, sounded like they were the cutting edge things done for heart patients in the days Brian had them done yet you have to wonder if he'd been "used" by the doctor's testing those very things.