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463359_407136685985126_323986830_oGreetings to all! This is Brian M. Hayden, and you are reading the inaugural blog for my new web site! Hopefully many of you remember me from my former blog at That blog recounted my struggles with heart disease and chronicled my journey toward getting a heart transplant. Since receiving my new heart on July 9, 2012 I have been recuperating and figuring out how to carry on with my life. Of course if there is an important event in my health, I will continue to share with you.

My new blog is going to be different. Instead of talking about my medical issues, I would like to discuss other things. ANY OTHER THINGS beside my health issues. I will talk about politics occasionally. If necessary, I will talk about the world, world affairs and what bothers me about all of it. From time to time I am going to have to vent. For example, when Denise (my wife) and I are driving around, it is inevitable that some nit wit will cross our path. In San Antonio Texas there are a lot of bad drivers. Some are just stupid. Some have no insurance or a drivers license, and some are doing everything under the sun – except drive! It infuriates me.

The same holds true at stores. We will definately have some discussions about stores.

Suffice to say, that I really hate most drivers and quite a few of the people in stores. We’ll get to all of them eventually.

One thing that really makes me happy is books. I love reading them. I enjoy writing them, and I am learning how to review them. Most of the time, I will use this blog to talk about books, writing and reviews While I haven’t decided yet, I may also have an author interview from time to time. I don’t want to do too many interviews because there are still a whole lot of people out there pissing me off!

My new blog has several goals. First, I would like to entertain you. My hope is that my blog will bring a smile to your face, or provide you with some useful piece of information. Secondly, as a writer, I need a place to practice my writing. I will practice on you! Lastly, I need a platform to share my work. This is a place that will always lead you to my books.  As this blog is part of my web site, poke around the web site for information on my books, excerpts and reviews.

I have to figure out how to get the “subscribe” button on this. Until then, watch for my blog and join in. You can always find my blog at




  1. Christie Wayne

    This is going to be so good…am looking forward to reading your new blog!

  2. Thanks Christie. I think it is going to be fun!

  3. Happy Birthday to your new blog Brian. I am looking forward to visiting!!

  4. Jerry Hampshire

    609th TCS, 1976-79. I wish you well brother. Tell me your HOAS story.

  5. Hi Brian,
    Your story touched me.
    All the best with your new blog.

  6. Thank you Tracy. I hope you will continue to visit us often. Subscribe and don’t miss a post.

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