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Candy Ann Little

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I’m supposed to write something about writing. Being an author this shouldn’t be a complicated task. Give some tremendous tips, talk about becoming a writer, encourage you never to give up on your dreams, write some witty prose. Yet, I can’t seem to find a topic I want to write about, or make the words form on the screen.

Why is it so hard to write? Is it because I don’t feel accomplished enough to give advice? I mean I’m still new to this life. Yes, I have three books out, and am editing my fourth novel, but I’m far from being a pro. Just like all writers, I’m still learning the whole process. So what pearls of wisdom can I pass to you?


I started to write about clichés. I spent three days searching the web for articles and opinions on the subject. Believe me, I have my own opinion on this subject, but somehow couldn’t finish the article. What about switching POV’s? Yep, I have very strong beliefs about that subject also. However, the topic wasn’t calling to me. So what is my advice to you?


Although I’d love to blame my writer’s block on personal issues like, struggling with back pain, family problems, kids, husband and daily life, yet that doesn’t wash. I have lots of friends that are in the same boat of juggling writing with family and still manage to write. Maybe it’s because I spend too much time on Facebook and Twitter. Could they be the culprits stealing my ideas and time? Is there any excuse to blame for my lack of writing?

Nope. Nothing!

So is my article really about nothing? If so you might as well stop reading right now because it won’t help you. Alas, my article is about something. It’s to show you – and myself – that we have absolutely no excuses for not writing.

Over the course of ten years I wrote five books. Well, technically, 3 full length novels, one novella, and one story is only half finished. But these stories came naturally. They flowed from my mind and heart through my arms and into my fingertips with such ease that my only problem was typing out the words fast enough.

In that same ten year period I had all the same problems of juggling family and writing – minus the back pain, that is a recent development in the last year or so. But I still wrote and I LOVED it. So, if I’m being honest, I can’t blame anyone or anything except myself!!

My problem now is that the stories aren’t flowing like they used to. I have the ideas and characters but I can’t seem to pull them from my mind and get them onto the paper or screen. I tug and pull but the ideas are stuck. I fight and struggle but no new ideas come. After a while I just gave up and stopped writing. It’s exhausting work wrestling with words all day. So am I done writing?


But in the last two years I’ve been busy getting my manuscripts ready to publish. I’ve edited and revised and edited again. Then there’s the covers, formatting and marketing. I do confess to hiring out some of this stuff. I pay for professional editors, and found a guy who formats my ebooks pretty cheap. Thankfully I have a good friend who is a graphic designer and does my beautiful covers. She also formats for my print books. I hire out this work because it’s areas that I’m not good at and I want a professional product to sell. But I’m still busy promoting my books.

And I have to confess that I really enjoy the promotional part of my job. I know, many of you hate the aspect of selling. But I love telling people about my books. I think that is some of my problem. I’ve switched gears and need to get into a new routine. As much as I enjoy my time marketing and promoting, I need to find time to write.

Although I’ve been on a break from writing, I need to find the discipline to start again. There is a balance between promoting, writing and even family. I had it once and I must find it again. So what is my point of this article?

Don’t give up!!

I’m sure you’ve read lots of different articles on writer’s block. I have too. Not sure what will work, and everyone is different so what works for one person may not work for someone else. As for me, I think I’ve just lost my focus and discipline. I also need to stop forcing the ideas. In desperation I posted about not being able to write this blog post.

I was truly upset because Brian had emailed and asked if I’d be willing to write something for his blog. Being truly honored and grateful that he’d read my tweets and thought I had something to offer, I said yes. But as I thought about the article and tried different things, I couldn’t get any thoughts out. I was forcing subjects that weren’t compelling my mind to think. After a few Facebook friends gave suggestions, and one said I was overthinking it, therefore making myself panic, I knew she was right. So I took a deep breathe and started to write a new subject. This time the words flowed easily and my blog post was soon done.

So if you are feeling blocked or think that writing is getting too difficult, just relax and stop forcing it. Maybe writing something else will help. Or try a different angle in your story. But don’t give up. Keep trying!!


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