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CT Wolf Author (1)Neesa, A Vampire Story by C.T. ToddNeesa (2)

(review written by Katrina Rose)


On the front cover of Neesa, A Vampire Story written by C.T. Todd is the portrait of the beautiful Neesa. Her smile prompted me to open to the first chapter which is all it took to feel right at home in this modern day vampire story. I know what you’re thinking I’m female so this automatically says I’ve read all The Twilight series, except I would have to correct you by saying that I’ve not read a one. In fact, this is my very first vampire book that I’ve read, since I’m typically draw into stories about ghosts.  To my surprise there is even a chapter entitled ghost. It teases with little spooky history as an added bonus to this paranormal tale of good vs. evil.

Learning the author created his Neesa series from a nightmare could be the first scene when Neesa is attacked and automatically thrown into becoming a vampire to survive. The book symbolized the struggles we have within ourselves and face daily. Neesa battled her wills not wanting to give into the kill weighed heavily upon her shoulders, but so did the desire to stay alive.  Although the story does a good job of offering a little evil and darkness from time to time, I felt it uplifted and made me want to embrace love and life much more than I felt any darkness. However, when it had to speak the truth and be dark it did a good job without any overkill for those with sensitive stomachs.

Neesa is a sexy modern day vampire story drawing me into her, and her romantically sensitive and protective boyfriend Wolf.  The author writes such flirtations scenes between the two of them often outdoors, as he loves to recreate his love for hiking and nature within his story. The author has a way of making the butterfly feelings come rushing back like a giddy school girl which is one of the most endearing aspects to this book. Their romance is written with flirtation and not trashy, in fast it’s so refreshing and gives hope to all couples that their lives can be this alive and beautiful.

Behind every good woman is not only a loyal and loving boyfriend but so is a BFF. Neesa doesn’t disappoint when she meets Hannah who quickly becomes her BFF, and vampire mentor who helps her transition daily into her new immortal life.  Their friendship and eternal sisterhood is inspiring, and strengthens the bond between women. Except since they are both vampires in the modern day world this bond comes with some problems associated with being hunters of the night. The author wrote some scenes with some humor behind the necessary functions of a vampire reminding us to laugh when faced with adversary.

I really liked this sexy flirty nitty-gritty vampire story giving it 5 Stars because I felt it delivers a fun story about good vs. evil.  Neesa, A Vampire Story has a 4.5 rating on Amazon.  Me and Book