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Sara Brooke

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When I was asked to contribute a guest post to this blog site, the host made the comment, “Oh, you write horror!  It would be very interesting to hear about that.”

It was a comment that made me smile, because I generally get one of several reactions when I share that my books are in the horror/suspense genre.

Sometimes people look at me strangely, as if I have two heads or four sets of eyes.  Because to the casual onlooker, I don’t appear as a typical “horror writer” or the stereotype that’s out there.  I don’t wear all black constantly or dye my hair that color, my life isn’t so horrible that I feel the need to share misery & fear, and I’m not some sort of Satan-worshipping heathen.

I was at a party the other night, and a group of men were talking to me and I finally gave in and admitted to being an author.  When I said I was a “horror writer”, their expressions all changed as if they weren’t quite sure how to process that information.

So, let me clear up any confusion.  Horror writers choose that particular genre because it entertains us as well.  When I was about 12, my father started to take me to the video store every Saturday night and each week, I would pick out some form of scary movie.  I’d curl up on the couch and enjoy the thrills, chills, and frights.  Then, it would usually take me hours before I could sleep, but it was all in good fun.

I write horror because I find it entertaining and the ability to transfer that gift to my readers is the most satisfying feeling in the world.  There’s simply nothing better than having a reader send me an email or letter that she/he really enjoyed one of my books and liked it so much that it was re-read or it was shared with a colleague.

My novels aren’t packed with gore or slashers either.  The different books I’ve written (Still Lake, Kransen House, The Zyne Project & Cursed Casino) are different takes on horror.

For example, Still Lake and The Zyne Project are medical-horror stories that are true-to-life and could actually happen.  I think that’s what makes them so frightening.

Kransen House is more of a cursed family legacy, while Cursed Casino is a downright ghost story with hauntings and things that go “bump in the night”.

In essence, I think many things are frightening and I try to give the reader a taste of all the different types of horror that could manifest in our typically normal lives.  To date, I’ve just completed the first book in a paranormal romance/horror series that should really be a treat for the readers who like a good dose of romance embedded into their horror experiences.  The series will stretch at least 3-4 books, so a good chance for a reader to get immersed and follow the heroine on her adventures.

Will I ever write a pure romance or comedy?  It’s possible. I think that writers craft novels based on what their imaginations need to convey.  Because if you ask any author, he/she will tell you that writing isn’t a choice, it’s something we must do.  It’s the blood in our veins…the passion in our souls.



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