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An Indie author. What are we,who are we,why are we? Indie authors position themselves before their keyboards and bleed through their fingertips to quiet the voices in their heads. We are storytellers, bringing you the best we have to offer. We are mothers, retirees, teachers, construction workers and clerks. We do not have large corporate publishers and agents. We do not have book tours and movie rights, although our work is worthy of all that. All we ask is that you buy our books, “LIKE” us and tag us, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, read our blogs, post a review, and tell your friends. It is said that some of us prostitute ourselves by offering our work for free (not me). That is an incorrect description, because even a prostitute charges for the service they provide.

My name is Frank A. Ruffolo and I am an Indie author, or better said, a storyteller. I write in a narrative style as if I am telling a story. A story told to me by the voices in my head. Inspiration comes at any time and at any hour. As a writer of tales you must be ready pen in hand to capture the essence of your ideas. Fortunately for me my head voices have a good memory and remind me of my plots over and over again. Indie Authors are no different than your traditionally published variety. We are just as talented (maybe more so). We are on our own and need the help of our readers. We use twitter and facebook and pinterest and other web based media to get the word out. We contact our local libraries and ask for time to discuss our works to their patrons. We also use blogs like this one to market ourselves. Most of us pick a genre and base our trade on one style, I do not, I have gone from Sci Fi to Action Adventure to Murder Mystery.

Remember, do not be afraid to write down what you are thinking. Proceed as if you are talking to your best friend while you are sharing a glass of wine. Start off by always carrying with you a book you can write your thoughts in. You can then progress to a tablet or a laptop. Write an outline of your work and do research of your topic. My greatest problem in developing a story is choosing names for my characters. Sometimes I use family names, but be careful what you say. Do not be afraid to change and edit and revise. The voices in your head will guide you as well as the characters as they develop in the story the storyline will change.

Finally reread and edit, edit, edit. Then rewrite, rewrite rewrite. While you are doing all of these do not forget to read to keep yourself sharp. There are many editors available. Choose wisely. You can just edit yourself but it is hard to catch or correct your own work for you are too involved in the story. Self publishing has become easier with Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Be very careful and be vigilant for there are many scam outfits that promise the world and give you nothing. I have have used Pedernales Publishing. They have set up my works and with my input developed great covers I have received praises on. They work with Lightning Source with print on demand so I do not have to purchase large quantities of books(unless I choose to).

I market myself through facebook and twitter and a good webpage is a must. Pedernales set mine up but I took control. With the help of my Son I reworked it to its final stage. Please be patient. Indie writers will prevail for most of us do this for the joy of writing and not for the monetary reward although that is always welcome.

I would like to thank Brian for this opportunity and thank you all for this chance to let you into my world.


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