463359_407136685985126_323986830_o “Wheezer and the Shy Coyote” is a fictional story written on a platform of historical non-fiction. The story begins in the present, as tourists  explore an old fort museum at Fort Smith, Arkansas.  During the exploration, and quite by accident,  an artifact is discovered. As the guide explains the history of the artifact, the story unfolds in the 1840’s, during a period called the “Whisky Wars”.  It is at this point of time, the story begins.

The American Indians, and in this story, the Cherokee people were moved from their lands, forced into slums and endured unspeakable conditions. Kitty Sutton is well researched on this topic. She uses historical fact and weaves it skillfully into her story.  It is a history lesson, a love story and a story of  how cruel some people can be.

The beginning of the story very nearly made me cry. Later, as the characters are introduced and the story-lines are defined,I found myself unable to stop reading.  This is a book that must be read, and shared.

It is said, that to forget our mistakes from the past, destines us to repeat those mistakes in the future. Kitty Sutton tackled the daunting task of teaching us about our past mistakes, and doing it in a way that is informative and entertaining.






K. Sutton                                                                                                           K Sutton book2