For those unfamiliar with Uvi Pozansky, it is my pleasure to introduce her to you.

Uvi Ponzansky is a writer, a poet, a sculptor and a painter. In addition to that she is an architect!

I first became aware of Uvi’s work about a year ago. I am a member in several writing groups on face book. One day I noticed one of her posts. She had shared a poem. I so enjoyed reading her poem that I followed the link that led me to her web site. When I arrived, I was amazed. There were samples of her art work, poetry and writing. I quickly became a fan.

I recently read her book, “A Favorite Son.” Let me tell you what I thought of her book.

“A Favorite Son” is a modern day interpretation of an old biblical story. Two brothers – twins, and by all accounts equal, except one brother was born one minute before the other. Uvi skillfully sets up the story as she introduces the brothers first. We begin to understand the dynamic of their relationship, and the importance of being first born.

Next, Uvi introduces the mother. As we understand her, the special relationship between the mother and one of the sons is unveiled. Like building a brick house, piece by piece Uvi layers the characters and the inter-relationships. The last character she introduces is the father.

The stage is set. The characters introduced. All that is left is to see how it will all play out. For the answer to that…you must buy the book – and I am telling you: You must buy this book!

Uvi Pozansky is an excellent word smith. She so carefully put this story together that it held my attention from start to finish. For those of you who know me, that is indeed an accomplishment.

Uvi Pozansky’s book, “A Favorite Son” is a favorite of mine. It is a must read for everyone!


Uvi Poznansky                                                                                        Uvi