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The Birth Of A Book – “Crazy Wives Rule “

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“The Birth Of A Book” series is a retrospective of the process I used for writing my memoirs.  At the time these posts were written, the notion of turning them into a book still had not crossed my mind.  The goal was to write down my memories the best I could – period. Reflecting on my battle with heart and lung disease was my way of dealing with it. Some people talk to therapists. I talked to the blog, writing down whatever I could remember. The first book, “Death: Living To Talk About It” began to develop in...

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Guest Blog By Valerie Allen – “Book Covers And Spines”

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 Book Covers & Spines by Valerie Allen   The front cover can sell your book. It must invite the readers’ attention, encourage them to select your book, get them to hold it in their hands, move them to flip through the pages, and help them decide to buy. A daunting task! Browse in bookstores, and observe patrons as they scan a book cover. How long do they view the cover before placing the book back on the shelf or carrying it to the checkout? Research shows it is about 30 seconds or less. The front cover must be clear and convey...

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The Birth Of A Book – “What Doesn’t Kill Us…”

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These next three posts span a period of about nine months: From the summer of 2006 to the spring of 2007. What was inconceivable for me at the time I wrote these posts was how to accurately convey the enormity of the process: That is the process of getting a new heart. Filling the gaps between these posts we hundreds -yes, hundreds of doctor visits, resulting in countless tests.  During these nine months I was hospitalized nearly every month fighting to control heart failure symptoms and death. A half-dozen ambulance rides, hours upon hours...

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Guest Post by Uvi Poznansky – “The Descent into a Different Realm”

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The Descent into a Different Realm by Uvi Poznansky Author of “Twisted”, “A Favorite Son”, “Apart From Love”, and “Home” I feel so elated to find out that every day, lately, great customer reviews are being posted for my new release, Twisted. They are quite elaborate, and with lovely eloquence they do their best to describe what this collection of dark tales is about. In spite of this I promise you: until you read the book yourself, these reviews will mean next to nothing to you, because there...

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Guest Post by Richard Sutton – “Happily Treading the Thorny Genre Path…”

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Happily Treading the Thorny Genre Path… by Richard Sutton   One of the most important marketing decisions a writer can make, when the time comes to market a new novel, is to determine which genre it will be assigned to. Of course, most of us wish our work were of such break-through proportions that all readers would admire it, yet that’s rarely possible. Since the net is rapidly overtaking the bookstore in terms of discovering new titles for readers, genre search  has become today’s go-to resource. I can easily enter a four word...

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The Birth Of A Book – “When Lungs Fail To Cooperate”.

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As you can see, our trip toward writing a book is still far off, and the posts still taken from April 2010. We (Denise and I) spent many hours at the transplant hospital.  We were either at the hospital for a test, an exam, or the emergency room for heart or lung problems. Add to that my growing list of pain medicines, and – well 2006 was a hard year for me. 2006 was a ponderous year for Denise. I am embarrassed to say, my spelling still has not improved. The one thing about my writing that has improved was my ability to convey a...

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Guest Blog By Catherine Stovall – “Health Benefits Of Reading”

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Health Benefits Of Reading  by Catherine Stovall Exercising your body is certainly necessary to staying fit and healthy. It’s a given that you will see magazine ads, television commercials, and other literature telling you how important it is to get up and move. However, many people underestimate the power of the mind when it comes to health. You can’t blame them. How many mothers ever tell their children to finish their vegetables and the next chapter in a book so they can grow up big and strong? The truth is reading is a powerful tool...

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The Birth Of A Book – “Enter The Heart Transplant Era “

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I will never have the writing skills necessary to convey the depth and scope of emotion I felt during this period of my life. Fear, confusion,thoughts of death, despair – a few of the emotions that I battled every day. My family too. In 1990, as I departed from the Air Force, my doctor told us (Denise and I) that I would not survive five years without a new heart. That prophecy was put to the test often, and each time I emerged in the land of the living. I never imagined this day would actually arrive. The day I would begin the process...

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Guest Blog by Susan Ricci – “Launching A Writing Career After 50”

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   “Launching A Writing Career After 50” by Susan Ricci  The first word that comes to mind:  Perseverance. Perseverance is the key for achieving one’s personal voyage across the sea of dreams. Like many writers (or perhaps all of them), I’ve been writing in some form or another since I discovered crayons weren’t part of a food group.  Newspaper commentaries became my platform when my children were very young, because they came easier to me than sitting down and penning a novel.  This is what I call having a small dose...

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The Birth Of A Book – “Finding The Starting Line”

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These events occurred in the fall of 2005. As you can see, my spelling has not yet gained importance. My posts are, however beginning to grow in word count. So too are the number of paragraphs in a post.   I am sharing more detail than ever before and, instead of writing as if it were a personal journal, I am talking to you, sharing my experiences. Though I will not make an asserted effort to produce quality work for several more months, my mind is maturing as a storyteller. From this moment on – for the next two years, I will brush...

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