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463359_407136685985126_323986830_oI began blogging on April 10, 2010. Since this first post, I’ve added an additional 205 posts – all related to my health issues.  This blog was the birth place for both memoirs. In fact, the blog’s name was “Death: Living To Talk About It”. Sound familiar? That is the name of my first memoir. You have to remember, I was dying. There was a sense of urgency to get my thoughts on paper. This blog was never supposed to become a book. After some prodding by friends, my family and others, I decided to use the blog as the foundation for the book.

So the first book was written and published. All the while I kept blogging. Afterall, my health continued to deteriorate. It was a few months after the first book was published, that the opportunity to be accepted into a heart transplant program presented itself. The second book was born. “Road To Transplant” was the continuation of the blog. It was better though. I had added tons more information about the process, and delved deep into medical terminology. I wanted you to understand what it took to receive a new heart. I also wanted to share with you all of those demons drifting in and out of my mind. Dying is not always easy. Sometimes you have to watch it coming for years, and that extracts a certain toll on your psyche. I shared those thoughts and dreams with you too.

After my heart transplant, I have made several efforts to close the blog –  Still, readers keep coming, either for the first time, or re-living some of the entries. Nearly 100 visitors a week continue to come by.

Due to it’s popularity over the years, I have decided to re-run the blog.  Not at it’s original location though. I want to run it from my web site. From my new blog.

Now, I know what you are thinking: the new blog is dedicated to writing. That is true. It is. In addition to re-running the blog for health information, the old blog is a snap shot of my writing. Two hundred and six snapshots actually. Read the blogs for the information.  Also read the blogs and note the metamorphosis of my writing. I will not edit the original posts. They will be displayed as originally published.

Blog Schedule

  • My guest bloggers are published on Mondays.
  • Re-runs of heart transplant blogs are published on Wednesdays.
  • Wild card Friday’s. Might be a book review, a guest or something writing related from me.

So. There it is. The new blog schedule. As always, feel free to comment. The blog always gets better when you comment.


I know many of you have never read the old blog. So, for better, and worse – but always informative, interesting and compelling, here is the first post, originally published April 4, 2010.

Hello world!

April 4, 2010 by brha99 | Edit

My name is brian. I have been living with heart and lung disease for over 20 years. I have been in hospice, and my family has been told I had 3 weeks to live.  I was on  a heart transplant list but was removed because they said I was to sick to survive surgery. This blog is the story of the journey I am taking living, and dying with heart and lung problems. Please join me as I open up and talk about what it is like to be terminally ill, and then not, and back and forth, and back and forth.  This blog is not just for sick, or old people. If you have a sick or elderly friend or family member, maybe you can get some insight into why they do some of the things they do. I AM NOT A DOCTOR; OR A PSYCYIATRIST OR ANY OTHER FORM OF HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONAL. Just wanted to set the record strait.


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